design &

web, mobile, WordPress, Flash


UX/UI/visual. Logos and branding. Photography and illustration.


Front-End: HTML/CSS/JavaScript/jQuery, React/Redux, Angular, iOS/Objective-C, Flash/ActionScript.

We are a small creative studio founded in 2002 in Portland, Oregon that provides design and development to its clients (web, mobile, WordPress, and Flash). We focus mainly on creating an internet presence for small businesses that could not otherwise afford professional design and development services.

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Maki Dziedzic   Dogster


A symbol of undifferentiated potential and therefore, presumably, creativity (at the very least it kinda follows). Not to be confused with the tiny, uninhabited island (more of an islet really) in the Bahamas, which for a time some believed to be the place where Columbus first made landfall in the New World. Or, for that matter, the late 19th-century three-wheeled Swiss automobile, Victorian artist, U.S. defense contractor, or Japanese magazine. And it is certainly in no way related to the English progressive rock band by the same name, their self-titled debut album featuring the ever thought-provoking “While Growing My Hair,” the Hammond Organ mastery of “Fugue In D Minor,” and the curiosity that is “The Song Of McGuillicudie The Pusillanimous (or don't worry James, your socks are hanging in the coal cellar with Thomas),” notwithstanding.


A programmer’s first choice for representing a thing abstractly, be it a variable or function, some data, or even just a bit of existential malaise. The canonical example of its kind, foo easily defends against the leading contenders to the metasyntactic-variable throne, viz., blarg, flarp, blurgle, wombat, wibble, and flob.

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